Voted one of Boston’s Most Recommended Recruiters by VCs and Startups, Sales Hunters is a recruitment firm dedicated to identifying the best sales talent for fast-growing companies. Sales Hunters principals have a combined 50+ years of recruiting and managing sales teams for fast-growing companies giving them an unbeatable edge in the industry. 

Based on the experience of the founders, Sales Hunters have designed proprietary techniques and AI to identify the best talent for their clients. By developing personas based on more than 20 characteristics of salespeople in different roles and sales environments, Sales Hunters has developed a matching technique that identifies the highest potential candidate for any given company and product persona. 

This focus and commitment make Sales Hunters one of the leading recruitment firms for sales talent in Boston, New York, and the Silicon Valley. 

Hiring diverse sales teams for fast-growing companies will be one of the greatest challenges businesses will encounter or are probably dealing with now. The benefit of the Sales Hunters matching technique and AI is that it takes the bias out of the process, and focuses only on the candidates’ ability and skills with no other background criteria taken into account. 

Our key to success lies in a few factors. We start by building strong relationships with our business clients and candidates to get a clear understanding of needs and wants from both sides. By doing so, our team is able to accurately match candidates to their ideal roles. Our matchmaking abilities hone in on skill levels and experience, rather than the personal characteristics of each candidate. We’ve been able to maintain inclusive hiring rates over 70%, an impressive number we’re proud to continue growing. 

Another key factor is our team includes members from various ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds. The insight our inclusive team brings to the hiring challenges businesses face enables Sales Hunters to capitalize on candidate opportunities other recruiting firms overlook. 

On top of building equitable relationships with our customers, we also identify potential candidates from a wide variety of sources. Tapping into a range of sources including minority-based groups, we’re able to paint a full view of the candidate landscape that is available to a rapidly expanding organization. By broadening the options available, we effectively match the best people for the right opportunity.

Sales Hunters is on a mission to find the best sales and business development talent for a fast-growing company. Contact us today to get a leg up on your inclusive hiring efforts.