We match

Great sales people with fast growing companies.

That’s all we do!

If you are looking to start your sales career, or are already a sales professional then connect now for opportunities in Boston, New York and Silicon Valley’s fastest growing companies.

We find

Sales teams for fast growing companies.

That’s all we do!

Sales Hunters works with the fastest growing companies in New York, Boston and the Silicon Valley identifying sales talent needed to grow revenue to the next stage.

Why Sales Hunters:

  • The most significant cost will be lost opportunity. How much revenue are you losing each month because you don’t have the right sales team in place.
  • The cost of recruiting is high, with advertising alone likely to reach into the thousands of dollars
  • Your time will be a major investment in refining searches and shortlisting candidates. Investors give you money so you can make smart decisions. Spending less time on these tasks and just reviewing pre-screened candidates allows you to focus on your core business.

Sales Hunters removes all of these issues taking care of advertising, searching, shortlisting and making sure you have that sales seat filled. We help you build your sales machine in the shortest time frame possible.

What we do:

We do one thing and one thing only.

We find the best Sales VPs, Sales Development Representative’s and Business Development Representative’s for growing sales teams. Because this is all we focus on, we can be much more efficient, competitive and more importantly, find you the best candidates.

We can also consult in the structuring of remuneration of these key individuals. Finding the right talent is the beginning of the process, making sure they are engaged and properly remunerated is a key component to success.

How we do it:

Through a combination of AI, research and experience our team can professionally and effectively analyze your needs, identify the right talent and refer and recruit on a timely basis.

Who we are:

We are sales experts and consultants with a combined 50+ years of experience. From direct sales to inside sales recruitment, strategy and management our team has the knowledge and expertise to understand your SDR and BDR recruitment requirements.